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Hot Spring & Sauna

The sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3) bath, which is sprayed at 453m underground,

will be a good healing gift for everyday weary mind and body

Detail about Hot Spring & Sauna
SECTION IN SERVICE Erea Capacity Remarks
Men's Hot Spring Bath 60 130 Finnish and herbal herb sauna
Women's hot spring bath 30 110
Men's Lounge 30 60 Sales of various drinks and meals
Women's Lounge 9 50
Recuperation Lounge Restaurant 50 60 Health Food & Beverage Sales

Kolon Hotel Hot Springs is a mixture of sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3), which promotes cell regeneration by stimulating skin connective tissue as well as skin beauty as a hot spring. When used as drinking water, soy sauce and camouflage activities are further promoted.
The only hotel in Gyeongju that can enjoy hot springs is the Kolon Hotel. Enjoy the beautiful beauty of the garden and the beauty of the spa.please. Delicacy dishes, herbal herbal saun as, relaxation room and other seating areas are available.