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KTX Train timetable(TEL:1544-7788)
Seoul Singyeongju (takes about 2 hours and 10 minutes)
Destination From Arrival interval
Seoul Singyeongju 05:30 22:00 1 hour
Singyeongju Seoul 05:24 21:58 30 min - 1 hour

Transportation telephone
Singyeongju 1544-7788
Gyeongju Express Bus Terminal 82-54-741-4000
Korean Air(Adjacent to the airport:Ulsan ariport) 1588-2001
Asiana Airlines(Adjacent to the airport:Ulsan ariport) 1588-8000
Gyeongju Intercity Bus Terminal 82-54-743-5599

Getting here by airplane
Take the intercity bus to Gyeongju at the intercity bus stop across the Ulsan Airport. Get off at the Bulguksa Station in Gyeongju. Take the bus no.11 or a taxi (about 5 min.). Kolon Hotel.

Ulsan Airport Taxi (takes about 30-40 min., price: 35,000~40,000 won) Kolon Hotel
Getting here by intercity/express bus

Take the bus no.10 or 11 across the Express Bus Terminal. Get off at the hotel
(takes about 30-40 min., price: 1,500 won)
No.10 : Express Bus Terminal Daegu Bankl Gyeongju Stationl Palujeongl
            Bunhwangsa Entrance to the Bomun Town Hyundai Hotel Bomun Complex
            Hilton Hotel Gyeongju World Folk Craft Village Madongtap Village Bulguksa
            Kolon Hotel.
No.11 : Express Bus Terminal Daegu Bank Gyeongju Station Gyeongju National Museum
             Entrance to the Borisa Tongiljeon Doji Village Bulguk Station Madong
            Kolon Three-way Intersection Bulguksa Kolon Hotel.

Intercity/Express Bus Terminal Taxi(takes about 25-30 min., price: 15,000~20,000 won) Kolon Hotel

Getting here by KTX train
Take the bus no.700 across the Singyeongju Station, and get off at the hotel
(takes about 50-55 min., price: 1,500 won)

No.700 : Singyeongju Station Kyongju University Sorabol College Express Bus
                Terminal Daegu Rotary Post Office Gyeongju Station Bukgun-dong
                Hanwha Resort Hyundai Hotel Daemyung Resort Concord,Commodore Hotel
                 Hilton Hotel Gyeongju KyoYuk MunHwa HoeKwan Shilla Millennium Park
                Expo Park Gyeongju World Folk Craft Village Kolon Hotel Bulguksa.

Singyeongju Station Taxi (takes about 40 min., price: 30,000~35,000 won) Kolon Hotel

Pick-up service : 12:40 Singyeongju Station Hotel (one time)